Companies in Partnership

From the synergies resulting from the combination with our business partners, the experience accumulated in more than thirty years in the market and the confidence that our customers have in us results in a potential and strong responsiveness to the needs of the markets where we operate.


There are today around the world, particularly in Africa, vast economic and financial resources underutilized.

Many countries are making significant investments in infrastructure, industry, agriculture and fisheries, services or education and training.

Under penalty of important exported resources, these countries need to develop business elite able to gather resources and engage in multiple areas available for investment, thereby achieving scale and importance in the economy.

Companies have an important deficit of staff and technicians, potentially available in Angolan Diaspora or other European countries, including Portugal.

In partnership with those technicians, designated Business Partners, local investors can develop viable companies, ensuring the effective transfer and maintenance of know-how in the country, obtaining in this way important economic gains and short-term financial but especially long term.


Establish in countries or in areas with emerging economies a structure that facilitates the implementation and management of business, suitable, competent and highly professional, able to manage with high income levels the interests of local or foreign investors, by recourse to the establishment of small companies with partners professionals, local or foreign, which may potentiate scale and gains in the value chain, using the most refined techniques of business management and selection, training and human resource management.