Virtual Offices

Have a business address of your prestigious company, in major cities worldwide.

In cooperation with some of the largest global networks of virtual offices, the simpleBcenter virtual offices provide, in addition to the offer of local business address, the low cost forwarding communications, offices and meeting rooms fully equipped with all facilities and related operational services and secretarial support.

  • Offer of address local business
  • Local telephone number
  • Low cost call forwarding
  • Forwarding correspondence
  • Fax line
  • Meeting rooms with internet
  • Administrative services
  • simpleOnSite Platform
  • Reduced costs

Approaching the international markets, in response to the demands of globalization, our customers have, with reduced costs and without the need to make the heavy initial investments of a structure facilitating its installation site, with full autonomy and conditions and period of use.

Your customer makes a local call, that you can get anywhere in the world at reduced costs, having the simpleOnSite platform that allows, when necessary, to save messages on voice mail and record all daily occurrences.