With simpleOnSite you are in constant contact with your simpleBcenter virtual office, anywhere in the world.

The simpleOnSite is a powerful computing platform, specially developed for simpleBcenter, offering updated online information on the status and result of customer relations. Through the Internet, in the personal computer or mobile phone, you immediately receive information on errands, phone calls, correspondence received by mail or fax, among others, according to your needs.

The simpleOnSite platform has restricted access, with “log in” and “password”, registering the history of events over time and allowing filter all kinds of information, with the aim to obtain lists of control and management.

Thanks to simplevoip low cost communications, you get on your computer, telephone or mobile phone, wherever you are, the forwarding of calls addressed to your virtual office. With the cost of a local call, your customer is in contact with your company, regardless of the continent or the country where it is located.

simpleOnSite demo.